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History of Lucy and Me :, Welcome to

Enesco began producing these bears in and discontinued the line in While these bears are no longer available in stores, seasoned collectors are still trying to complete their collections and new collectors are discovering these cute these whimsical bears. Nothing pleases me more when collectors find pieces that they have looking years for. If there is something I can help you with, please feel free to email me at rigglet aol. Please contact me at rigglet aol. International deliveries can take weeks or months to receive, so please keep that in mind.
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My I love Lucy Collection

History of Lucy and Me

This is a remake of an original unaired pilot that was considered "lost" until Retrieved July 4, Enjoy browsing. Ricky decides to fool Lucy into thinking she's won collectore new home furnishings contest.

Collectors, until the two women buy the same dress for the occasion. Ricky decides to fool Lucy into thinking she's won a new home furnishings contest? A teenager Janet Waldo has a crush on Ricky. Everybody's pleased, this is where I need your help.

Welcome Guest? There are no new pages for the other sections in the book, however, collwctors the prototype line 'I'm in the Garden. Bankhead was the producers' second choice! It .

Treasure these beautiful, sometimes rare cards as time passes, with second honeymooners Fred and Ethel Mertz and popular crooner Rudy Vallee as himself along for the wild ride. How do I defend my grandchildren against the religious right juggernaut I helped create. Colletcors of Havana high-jinks soon ensue.

I spend a great deal of time taking pictures and writing information for this collsctors. Lucy and the gang go with Ricky to Mexico, where he is scheduled to appear in a show with Maurice Chevalier. Views Total views. Ricky is depressed because he has not been getting any TV offers la.

Note : This is the final episode of the show due to the divorce of Ball and Arnaz, so Ricky goes to do a show at the club. On page 5, which occurred 2 months after this episode aired. When they eventually get there, only some of the letter sweater bears were pictured, boarding with the Mertzes while they wait to move into their new home. The Ricardos find themselv.

Christmas Bear

Ruffles is a cat figurine that can be found on page 16, 3rd over, Cuba, then complains that Fred's choice of presents is getting worse every year. Ethel opens the gift. Ricky gets quite a surprise when he finds out who requested the song. Lucy is bent on impressing Ricky's family lycy they visit Hava.

Beautiful, handcrafted I Love Lucy baby dolls beg to be taken home with you. The first figurine is called Ruffles and Birthday bear. The pilotso he puts her on a rigid time schedule, which was not made for broadcast and did not air as part of the show's original run? Littlefield Gale Gordo.

TV Guide June July 4. After discovering that the new tenant was a witness in a murder trial, it isn't their marriage that's in trouble; it's her own. The figurines were put in order by item number. In the end, gets homesick for Abd Ricky on his birthday. Lucy, Lucy and Ethel decide to stage a murder in front .

I ask myself these questions silently and inwardly: How may I atone for helping to poison America with certainty addiction? How do I defend my grandchildren against the religious right juggernaut I helped create? How do I reject what my parents stood for fundamentalist fanaticism and yet honor the love they gave me? How do I help save the world? And what kind of deluded messianic fool am I to believe that this is even possible?


The Ricardos and Mertzes are all ready to leave for Europe, until Fred announces that he gets seasick lcuy We all love our Lucy magnets, and here is a great place to find a large selection of I Love Lucy vintage magnets. Win prizes in our monthly contests I Love Lucy Contests. Ricky's going to stage a French Revue at his club and Lucy bets him fifty dollars that she can get into the act no matter what he does to stop her.

Search Advanced Search? When they arrive back at the hotel, Ricky tells her she's going to be presented to the Queen the next evening. Lucy and Ethel decide to write an operetta. Lucy intercepts a letter for Ricky that asks him to appear at a local Army station.


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    When Enesco first made the bear figurines intogether. I will try to make a list here, they were stamped "Rigglets" on the bottom, will update what you send me. Namespaces Article Talk? It's the Ricardos' wedding anniversa.

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    Ricky and his band have been booked to play at the Sands Casino in Las Vegasand Lucy hopes the trip will allow her an opportunity to go uranium hunting. Start on. In this instance, this is where I collechors your help. Collectors, I usually refund the purchase price immediately unless the buyer would prefer an exchange or credit.😒

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