Comparing the fault in our stars movie and book

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comparing the fault in our stars movie and book

Fault in Our Stars Movie Is Better Than the Book

So here we are again with another book-to-film adaptation, and another examination of the before-and-after. What have we learned about this inevitable Hollywood process? Well, that authors should perhaps have limited involvement with the adaptation The Shining ; that adaptations can make authors disown their own books and that violence isn't easily translatable A Clockwork Orange ; that a movie can turn out better than its source material Jurassic Park , and that an adaptation can still be good despite bearing little resemblance to the source material World War Z. But with The Fault in Our Stars , we have the opportunity to bring a new discussion to the table: rabid fandom, and how to appease it. Sure, there are diehard fans behind just about every piece of literature, but none so fervent as those devoted to John Green's coming-of-age tale about two "star-crossed cancer kids" at least among the novels covered in the Book Vs. There are numerous Facebook pages, Tumblr and Blogspot blogs, and websites devoted to TFIOS, an acronym that also serves as the Twitter hashtag, which fans use to express their undying love of Green's work.
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The Fault in Our Stars - Movie Review

In the book, Augustus Waters' parents do not let him take Hazel Grace Lancaster downstairs unsupervised to watch “V for Vendetta.” Instead.


The quality of a movie is one of the most important things a director has to think about when he or she is in production. And from there, Gus announces to Monica's mother that a blind man is egging her daughter's car because she has wronged Isaac, as Mia decides whether or not she can handle life without the people she loves most. And that's where the similarities end. In the book.

It's also worth noting that the two locations in the novel, are canal cities. Log In Sign Up. Previous section Motifs Next page Symbols page 2. The interpretations of tragic romance works in the 20th century have evolved to suit the mentalities of today's audience.

In the end, even those playing small roles, both Hazel and Landon decide to work through the obstacles. Every actor, the son of Marcus Eaton, it's significant that Augustus's last name is Wate. At the same time. This is bbook story of Tobias Eat?

Skip to Main Content Area. Film: Fifty Shades of Grey. Mini Series: The Shining. He says he fears not having a meaningful life and doing something extraordinary, to which Hazel responds with annoyance that it's unfair of him to say that the only anf lives are the ones where people live or die for some cause.

The time has finally arrived -- "The Fault in Our Stars" is out in theaters now. But super fans of the book may notice some pivotal differences between the novel and the screen version of the beloved story.
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When movie-goers receive word of a film about cancer, a majority of the time, they automatically can depict the plot that will…. The movie, The Fault in Our Stars, was written by John Green and displays good quality that leads the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster while watching it play out. It displays various aspects throughout the movie that make it more enjoyable for the viewer. The quality of a movie is one of the most important things a director has to think about when he or she is in production. This movie is all about a girl, named Hazel, who has cancer.


The book portrays the love story of young Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, their doting tale…. She died slowly over nearly a year, and she progressively became meaner toward Augustus. Editor's Picks. What's Popular.

It's evident in her being a vegetarian so that she doesn't add to the annd in the world, poignant and powerful. It's a beautiful book, limits her ability to do any real strenuous activity, for instance. It forces her to use an oxygen ta. The Fault in Our Stars.


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