Ita books paul and sally

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ita books paul and sally

Ladybird ITA books - Initial Teaching Alphabet

I learned ITA at school from to about I think it must have been pretty new then because when I went up to the junior school, there were only 6 of us who read ITA. Yes, it was a very odd period in British education — a really bold idea that was dominant for several years and then dropped rapidly from favour. Although I was born in so must be a bit younger than you, I managed to escape ITA, although my cousins about 6 years younger than me and so learning to read in the early 70s, were taught using ITA and still blame it to this day for their problems with spelling! So that would span about a decade.
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Introduction to ITA: A Phonemic Alphabet for English Learners and Struggling Readers

Most of the single letter spellings, the one-to-ones remained the same. Where the system differed was in many of the two-letter consonant and vowel spellings. Email address:.

i.t.a: a great idea but a dismal failure

It doesn't mean you are stupid. I was usually well above my class in reading levels BUT I cannot spell to save myself. It was done on purpose to stop working class children going into further education iat getting better jobs, the government of the time was determind that the working class children could not go into blue collar jobs. I learned in Burton on Trent in 78 first year infants and then it was dropped so in second year infants aally had to learn reading and writing all over again.

They are not going to teach you how to spell wrong. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I was taught the I. I'm interested where others believe that I.

Who do I sue??!!??! I am now an avid reader. Published by initial teaching alphabet Publications Inc. A few days later the teacher held up a picture of the last supper with the title written in I.

A between at a very small village school in Leicestershire. Mr Pittman should have been hung out to dry in my opinion. We were both born in and learning to read at the same time - I can remember us both having the same book with different spelling and arguing which of us had the real book. Yes that meant I uta was able to land a good paying job or career.

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The Initial Teaching Alphabet I. It was not intended to be a strictly phonetic transcription of English sounds, or a spelling reform for English as such, but instead a practical simplified writing system which could be used to teach English-speaking children to read more easily than can be done with traditional orthography. After children had learned to read using I. Although it achieved a certain degree of popularity in the s, it has fallen into disuse. The I. Each symbol predominantly represented a single English sound including affricates and diphthongs , but there were complications due to the desire to avoid making the I.

I was also a ita student in Penn Yan. Three 'round and about books' and one 'toun book'. My spelling and grammar are very good and I did very well in my English exams. I learned ITA at school from to about I do remember it being very controversial at the time and some of my friends' parents pulled them from public schools so that they paull learn to read the "normal" way.

This is JD's blog about language use, journalism, and media old and new. I've never heard of this, and I can't help but wonder what kind of educational genius thought it would be a good idea to teach kids to spell things incorrectly before teaching them how to do it right. I mean, honestly I was also taught ITA at infant school. I remember being very cross when the teacher told me to write Jane as Jaen.


Unfortunately by this time the damage had been done bokos even though everyone tried their best to help me I failed the 11 plus exam despite my higher than average IQ. Copyright i! WOW things have changed!!. Have just come across the blog.

Our kids need to learn it so let's do it right. I came across a small box of these ITA books at a bpoks sale recently, having never heard of this way of learning I found them fascinating but very easy to read. Cards for teaching the sounds of the initial teaching alphabet. Experiments are set by those in government who have no real understanding of education and learning.

Angus knox. How dare they take young ESL students and totally disrupt the rest of their school career. Oh, although anybody speaking to her would immediately recognise that she's very bright, by the way. She's suffered from a fear of reading and spelling for the rest of her life.

That was in My parents were poor and the other kid was the only black boy in my year. Another victim of ITA. How about people today who never had ITA and can't spell to save their life.


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