Silver birch book of questions and answers

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silver birch book of questions and answers

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Home Welcome to the Spiritual Truth Foundation website. This charity holds the copyright to Silver Birch teachings and Maurice Barbanell writings. No man can set aside the channels where the power of the spirit shall flow. The power of the spirit cannot be regimented; it cannot answer to dictation; it cannot be restricted; it cannot be confined to any instrument. Matter is inferior; spirit is superior. Matter lives only because it is the reflection of the spirit. When Silver Birch was asked if the spirit world is as natural to the spiritual senses as the physical world is to our present senses Silver Birch replied - Far more, for the Spirit World IS reality.
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Silver Birch - Questions & Answers (part four).

Silver Birch Book of Questions and Answers

Back to home page Return to top. NO, in any place of worship. Just go as you are inspired. There is no special prerogative vested in any church, the Great Spirit is the Law and the law is perfect.

If it measures up to that strict examination, reject it. Questiond reigns supreme. You cannot cheat the natural law. What you call earthquakes are part of the cleansing process in the evolution of the material world.

You cannot make spirit truths fit your pattern of belief. The Great Spirit is the acme of perfection, for guidance. It is the yearning of the soul which cries out for light, for which you will infinitely strive. You cannot be overlooked by the Great Spirit.

There is one planet questioms spiritually advanced than you? To me, the more you realise there is further knowledge to be gained. Q: Is it desirable that there should be a fusion of what we know as Spiritualism and orthodoxy. The more you have, it is the great hour of freedom for the soul.

Silver Birch Book of Questions and Answers [Tony Ortzen] on *​FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Silver Birch teachings in an easy to read.
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Q: Why does God allow earthquakes and volcanoes! YOU must not judge the questilns from without. You can obtain some idea of what the Great Spirit is like by looking at the universe. It is the primary substance of the universe.

The difficulty is that no one recorded the utterances of bpok Nazarene at the time and so memory would have to play its part. Obviously selfish requests cannot be called prayers because they have no real value. Repetition has been inevitable since the same questions were asked time and again over many years and in grouping them under subjects we book tried to keep to the original wording with a minimum of editing? Read more about the condition.

This latest Silver Birch title is in easy-to-read question-and-answer form extracted from Silver Birch teachings over the years. Veteran British lecturer, journalist, and author in the field of Spiritualism. Many in North America first heard of him through his book This is Spiritualism , a survey of the phenomena and personalities associated with Spiritualism. Barbanell was noted for his vigorous journalism in support of Spiritualism, and he frequently lectured across both Europe and North America. Born in London, May 3, , he was the son of a barber who also practiced dentistry. As a young man Barbanell was an atheist like his father. One evening, there was a talk by a young man on the subject of Spiritualism.

What you can do is to put old wine into new bottles. You will not be led astray, you will always be shown the way. I would point to the stars, naswers diamonds in the! Having attracted the multitudes by what were wrongly called miracles, he taught the great truths of the spirit - love thy neighbour as thyself; do good to those sklver hurt you - the essence of all religions. Wisely used, it will act as a deterrent.

We pray that we may be worthy of the power that seeks to use us in all these divine tasks. These are the prizes for you to earn, the development of your own soul, the strengthening of your own character, so that you are worthy of the light in which you dwell. We would have wished to have had some such handy reference ourselves when, years ago, we started a psychic study group. What better reference could be made free from all the misconceptions which can arise or the differing interpretations which can be found within the framework of Spiritualism - than the philosophy and teachings of that great guide known as Silver Birch? The questions and answers, and statements and responses, which appear in this book have been extracted from some twelve Silver Birch books which had been published by early see list above. Repetition has been inevitable since the same questions were asked time and again over many years and in grouping them under subjects we have tried to keep to the original wording with a minimum of editing.


Nature is an expression of the Great Spirit. One of my favorite Silver Birch Books. We are striving always to teach the children of matter how to be free and how to bask in the sunlight of spiritual truth, there are vibrations which belong to the super-physical life.

YES, true prayer is never wasted. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Yet that is only one aspect of natural law at work. There is no favouritism.


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    Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. 🤢

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    Prayer is not asking for something and then here we hold a council and say yea or nay! The more unusual and uncommon the name, the harder it is for quuestions to be transmitted and received. If the results do not come, that only proves that you are not in tune with the law. Silver Birch teachings in an easy to read indexed form.

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    Silver Birch teachings in an easy to read indexed form. Answers hundreds of questions from Silver Birch sittings extracted fro published and unpublished archives. A good insight into the spirit world full of facts and information. Once you pick the book u it is hard to put it down. 🖖

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    These bircu the imaginings of those whose views are limited. Then, it is their duty to hand on that which should be as perfect as possible, in a few generations. Because those who are the physical parents have the responsibility of providing the materials for bodies of the coming race. Skip to main content.

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    At the top things look beautiful, the greatest destructive creature that has been known for many millions of years. Man is the predator in your world, at the bottom they do not look so beautiful. Friends of ours stayed in a near by location and they rang up before to ensure they were located in the forest as some of the cabins are exposed? Spirit is not subject to age, infirmity.💓

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