The princess and the pea picture book

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the princess and the pea picture book

The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen: | Books

Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess; but she would have to be a real princess. He travelled all over the world to find one, but nowhere could he get what he wanted. There were princesses enough, but it was difficult to find out whether they were real ones. There was always something about them that was not as it should be. So he came home again and was sad, for he would have liked very much to have a real princess.
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THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA - Story Time Pals read to children - Kids Books Read Aloud

Andersen had heard the story as a child, and it likely has its source in folk material, possibly originating from Sweden, as it is unknown in the Danish oral tradition. The story tells of a prince who wants to marry a princess but is having difficulty finding a suitable wife.

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To vote on books not in the list or books you couldn't find in the list, or simply search. One evening a terrible storm came on. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I love this book it makes me cry lol jk just kiddin and I really do love this book.

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This little gem of a story by Hans Christian Andersen reveals the ultimate test to find out whether or not a girl is a true princess. It is short, but sweet, and an enduring favourite. There was, once upon a time, a prince who wanted to marry a princess, but she must be a true princess. So he travelled through the whole world to find one, but there was always something against each. There were plenty of princesses, but he could not find out if they were true princesses.

May God bless you!!? The Improvisatore The Two Baronesses. I hate British accents!!. Hello We are pleased you like the story. And yet she said that she was a real princess.

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Janet Stevens. Iliked this story so i will write this story only in my story book. Patricia Cleveland-Peck. The young maiden is tested to see if she is a real princess.

Natasha or Bertie can you answer me wy are you telling such stupid and Boring and short storyes. Forgotten password Use the form below to recover your username and password? How wonderfully read. When she wakes in the morning and tells them she as felt the pea during her sleep, the prince knows that she is a true princess.

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Harriet Ziefert. In the morning, the guest tells her hosts that she endured a sleepless night. I like this story and I would like you to read this story too.


  1. Inès F. says:

    Only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel a pea through such a quantity of bedding, so the two are married. But she said nothing, and went into the sleeping ro. Please respond. She is the one that has to marry the prince.

  2. Hilaire B. says:

    Call us on or send us an email at. John Cech Retelling. It is so creative and mindful, there is nothing distraught about it and I would definitely recommend this story. The Princess qnd the Pea by Janet Stevens 4.

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    After the boy enters a castle and is given a bed of straw for the night he tosses and turns in his sleep, attempting to guard his treasure. I am a naughty girl. No doubt? He believed that "the world Andersen witnessed-which encompassed sorrow, evil and man's follies-is reflected in his tales," and most evidently in "The Princess and the Pea.

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