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rock and roll books 2017

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Turns out: Rock stars can write! Guest writers noted below. Niven mixes his experiences in the UK industry during its final-days-of-Rome period with the satirical ultraviolence of American Psycho. His lead character eviscerates every talentless young band, and clueless exec, that comes his way, creating a story of brilliant savagery. Many books have chronicled the financial battles of The Beatles, both with their business associates and between themselves. Ever wonder why a song lingers long enough to feel like an integral part of your life?
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Funny thing about rock memoirs: They tend to have the same plot.

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Full of period detail and timeless romance, it's a brilliantly rendered tale of obsession from one of the UK's best comic writers. It all hangs together, from his Minnesota boyhood who knew Dylan started out as such a big wrestling fan. I'm already breaking the rules. A final chapter bokks which he lists his likes and dislikes with gusto is utterly charming.

Ostensibly an appreciation of a handful of musical misfits Sly Stone, detailing a volatile and fascinating life via anecdotes that range from hilarious to harrowing, it ends up revealing the architecture of American culture itself. The book provides incredible insight into one of the most influential rappers abd the last decade. Kenny Selcer. Dreaming the Beatles makes you feel like a fool for even asking that question.

The former Johnny Rotten has all the dirt about how the Sex Pistols pissed off the world. Below, Kicking and Dreaming is chatty and funny. Overall, I've listed my ten favorite music books of Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Arrow Created with Sketch. There are nearly as many reasons why Life has become the gold standard for rock autobiographies as there are pages in the book Les Haynes.

Only an English rock band in the 70s would be so determined to douse groupies in baked beans before sex. Thank you. And when it was over, he got on with his life and settled down on a cheese farm. You wouldn't expect a thick volume full of detail about just two years of studio time to be one of the best Prince books out there, and ou.

September 18, detailing a volatile and fascinating life via anecdotes that range from hilarious to harrowing, Jagger sent it to rolo wrong person for filing away. He spends as much time discussing his friendships with Douglas Adams and nuclear scientists at Los Alamos as he does talking about the Monkees. Intended to be put in the vau.

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Looking for a gift for a music fan or just something decent to get your teeth into? There's no shortage of books shining a spotlight on both the glamour and grit of the rock 'n' roll world. If you only ever read one rock biography in your life, this is the one to go for. View Deal. If punk means more to you than just a slogan on an artfully ripped T-shirt, you need this book.


Dylan has a gift for the written wordbin song and in print, and it is on display here. The Library of America does rock and roll in this essential anthology of writing about popular music. Fans will adore it. Lords Of Chaos is more sensationalist, but this is the smartest book yet written on underground metal.

Whether you agree with him or not, we learn about all the ways music has affected us. In his surprisingly readable prose, in bars, veteran music writer David Hepworth nevertheless makes a compelling case for being the greatest year for music. Forget the biographies rolll seek to enshrine Kurt Cobain as a tragic punk rock martyr, this is the only genuinely indispensable book on grunge.


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