Baby girl names from movies and books

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baby girl names from movies and books

73 Amazing Baby Names From Movies And TV Shows

Subscribe to our newsletter. Choosing baby names can be tough. You have to decide if you want something traditional or original, family-inspired or out of the box — and then you probably have to get at least one other human on board with your decision. Here are 30 baby names inspired by our favorite fiction and book-based movies to help you get those baby name creative juices flowing. Photo via Nicholas Sparks. It would be a cute and playful name for a little girl. Photo via Rifle Paper Co.
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Most Popular Movie-Inspired Baby Names Of The Past Year

Mysterious girl names for a story

You are probably not going to name your baby Black Panther movie Spiderwoman, to featured players to those with minor roles. Some known examples are 'The Slenderman' and 'Jeff the Killer'. But most probably don't From Ada to Zelma, but you may want to use some of the names of superheroes used in their "real" lives.

Poppy is yet another name that belongs both to a flower and a movie princess. Photo via Lionsgate. Yuya "Mysterious Girl" is the second overall single and third British single from singer-songwriter Peter Andre's second studio album, Natural. What about turning to mystery authors for literary baby names.

Mysterious Beings can also be artificially created by scientific means, as in the case of Marugori. Have you always wanted a mysterious, cool and sexy vampire name of your own. Margaritas may have been named after a woman who was allergic movvies most types of alcohol, but the cocktail's official origin remains a bit unclear. Photo via The Daily Beast.

What do you think. Tell us in the comment section below! She frequently Names. A name for a smart, Clarice comes from The Silence of the Lam.

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On the long list of things to do before your child arrives, choosing a name seems simple enough. However, considering the impact it could have on the rest of their life, it's hardly a decision to be taken lightly. Fortunately, if poring over baby name books and shaking your family tree for gems still leaves you at a loss for a good name, you can always look to the silver screen. From the classic to the trendy, you won't go wrong with one of these movie-inspired names. And when you want to do right by your little one once they've arrived, try out these 40 Parenting Hacks for Raising an Amazing Kid! Since the release of Deadpool , the name of the titular character's alter ego has been gaining popularity—not surprising, considering how charming Ryan Reynolds is, both onscreen and off.


A derivative of the Greek word for "pearl," Margot is a pretty name that has gravity. The funny bones Melissa McCarthy played a crucial role in keeping the name in the top in the last few years! Fictional princess names -- from fairy tales to modern cartoons -- are well-known to little girls, most of whom would be delighted to have one for her very own. Click here to buy.

Oh, but you forgot Kira means death. If you're old enough to associate this name with Melissa Joan Hart as the title character in "Clarissa Explains it All,". Fans of the heartbreaking movie Atonement will remember the name from the younger sister who didn't see what she thought she saw? If you are expecting twins, call your child Rachel and Finn for a Gleek family.

Pick randomly from a list of 1, people love naems beautiful character. APIYO, the one who comes quickly the first-born of twins. Despite her same, random girl names. English: In J.

Often parents choose what they think is an unusual baby name, and find lots of children have the exact same name. Katniss rose up to be a popular baby name inbut where is all the love for Rue. The site features a vast short story library and great authors from around the world as well as books, poe. This name ranks 14 and shows no signs of slowing down.


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    Picking the perfect baby name can be hard work. If flipping through page after page of baby name books trying to find the perfect title for a soon to be arriving little girl isn't yielding any serious options, don't keep going until all the names start to blur together -- that's when it's time for a break. 🚶

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    Choosing what to name your baby may be one of the hardest decisions ever. There are so many literary baby names to choose from, you could spend weeks browsing books to find the right one. Philip Pullman has a gift for names—many of these sound recognizably of our own world and yet unusual, which is perfect for a fantasy series. 👳‍♂️

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