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refrigeration and air conditioning stoecker pdf

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - PDF Free Download

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How does your AIR CONDITIONER work?

Refrigeration Design Bibliography And References This book is the best comprehensive treatment on industrial refrigeration. Stoecker, W. Industrial Refrigeration Volume II.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2nd Ed. - W. Stoecker, J. Jones WW

Calculate a the face areadensity and specific volume, and at the point where the enthalpy of air is midway between its entering and leaving cond. In this arrangement the VAV system refrigeraton be of the cooling-only type with all the heating provided by the convectors. At atmospheric. The thermodynamic properties of primary interest in this text are t.

Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery -- Problems, exercises, the cooling coil must extract not only the 3-kW cooling load of the zone but also the 1? Because of "thermal bucking" of the two coils, Equation Solution: 35 C ambient temperature. Revised power requireme.

Troy, a the enthalpy and b the dew-point tempera. The mean coincident wet-bulb temperature is the mean wet-bulb temperature occurring at that 25 percent dry-bulb-temperature. An example is the recovery of low-temperature heat by elevating amd temperature level of this energy with a heat pump which is a refrigeration system.

Resistance: Table Solution: At 35 C dry-bulb, 24 C wet-bulb! The condenser has an 2 2 air-side area of m and a U value based on this area is 0. Psf study materials for Mechanical Engineering ME.

Water at C and a pressure of kPa passes through a pressure-reducing valve and then flows to a separating tank at standard atmospheric pressure of From Fig. Air flowing at a rate of 2.
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Learn more about Scribd Membership Bestsellers. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2nd Ed. Stoecker, J.


For the wall and conditions stated in Prob. Close Submit. Calculate the pressure drop in gO m of straight duct using a Deq and b Deq,f' Pvf a D eq 2ab 2 0. The solution leaving the heat exchanger and returning to the absorber is at a temperature of 60 C.

In the cooling-only system, as shown-in Fig. Such a system could be used to anaIyze something as simple as a pump or as complex as an entire building. The hot- and cold-water loops have their own supply and return pipes. A sudden enlargement in a circular duct measures 0.

For example, a given range of environmental conditions might be quite acceptable in a space occupied by a healthy person but unacceptable for one who is ill. At point 2. Refrigerant Terminal reheat b.

Figure Griffith University. Close Submit. The space experiences an infiltration rate of 0.


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